An exclusive, fully renovated and furnished farm complex dating back to 1926, along with unique antiquity objects (carts, sledges, horse-drawn machinery, beer barrels, etc.).

The complex consists of five buildings with thatched roofs and one building with a moss roof.

1. A 2-storey main building of the farm complex (featuring a hall with a fireplace, a kitchen/ dining room, a gathering area with a bar section, a staircase, a lavatory / washroom on the ground floor, and 3 large bedrooms and a spacious hall with sleeping couches on the attic floor) – 211 m2;

2. A shed with three bed chambers, one of the bed chambers has access to the entire attic – 38 m2;

3. A barn with three bed chambers and a lavatory/ washroom dating back to the year 1874 – 72 m2;

4. A sauna (including a hall, a large steam room, a washroom and a resting room) – 25 m2;

5. A pumping station / shed for an ATV, bicycles, tools – 17 m²;

6. An outdoor kitchen with a moss roof (featuring a wood-burning stove, a smoking and bread oven, barbeque grill, a long table and benches) – 32 m².

The renovated log buildings were first built in 1874–1926. The outdoor kitchen built of natural limestone and the pumping station/ shed are new additions.

The complex has excellent access from a paved road; power supply – 3×25 A; the property has its own borewell and a sewage system with a leaching field. The entire property is surrounded by a picket fence made of spruce, and is planted with greenery. The complex includes its own fish pond. Additional land is available for purchasing.

Area of the property: 4,152 m²

Cadastral unit number: 30101:003:0367

Location: Saare County, Kihelkonna rural municipality, Pajumõisa village, Mäe farm.


Extremely attractive summer home complex on the shore of the Küdema Bay (the property has its own shoreline of 50 m).

The complex consists of three buildings with thatched roofs:

  1. A summer house (featuring a hall with a fireplace / dining room with an open kitchen and a bar, a bed chamber, a lavatory/ shower and a steam room on the ground floor and a hallway / bedroom with a large balcony on the attic floor) – 98.6 m²;
  2. A guest house (featuring a bed chamber, a lavatory/ shower, a garage/ storage area for an ATV, a boat) – 45.0 m²;
  3. A pergola (with a floor made of natural rock, a table carved from limestone and chairs made of wood blocks) – 14.0 m2;

At the seaward side of the summer house there is a large terrace with log railings (a table and benches made of logs) and a barbeque grill area with a limestone base and limestone walls.

Right on the sea shore there is an outdoor area built of natural limestone (a smoking oven, an outdoor fireplace, a table and benches carved of wood) with a magnificent view to the Küdema Bay and the Panga bluff.

An illuminated boardwalk leads from the summer house to the outdoor area. The courtyard is surrounded by a fence laid of limestone slabs.

Power supply 3×20A. Water supply from a borewell, discharge of wastewater to a septic tank with a leaching system.

Excellent access from a paved road.

The property can also be accessed by a yacht or a speedboat as it is located in the vicinity of the deep-water port.

A superb fishing location!

Area of the property: 8,686 m²

Cadastral unit number: 48301:001:0230

Location: Saare County, Mustjala rural municipality, Ninase village, Adams land unit.


A property located in a beautiful spot of nature on the Ninase peninsula, bordering with the Küdema Bay, featuring its own shoreline of 75 m.

Excellent access from a paved road. The property can also be accessed by a yacht or a speedboat as it is located in the vicinity of the deep-water port.

The adopted detail plan allows building of two summer houses at the distance of 70 m from the shoreline. An exclusive building design with an approved building permit is available for one of the buildings. The property has its own substation, a borewell (Artesian) and an access road. An underground cable has been laid from the substation to the prospective buildings.

An excellent fishing location!

Area of the property: 21,000 m²

Cadastral unit number: 48301:001:0088

Location: Saare County, Mustjala rural municipality, Ninase village, Vahe land unit.


A plot with tall greenery on the border of the town of Kuressaare in a promising development area. Excellent access – the property borders with a paved road, utility networks at the border of the plot.

Area of the property: 2,119 m²

Cadastral unit number: 27003:001:0694

Location: Saare County, Kaarma parish, Kudjape village, Kuressaare tee 1.